Insurance that cares

At Nova Insurance, our purpose is to give Atlantic Canadians the peace of mind they need to feel empowered and protected.

We’re trusted service providers above salespeople. Our communication is informed by active listening, not scripts or agendas.

We value long-term solutions over temporary profit. We stand alongside our clients through life changes and personalize your policies along the way with what you actually need.

We approach every situation with the understanding that life is complicated and unpredictable. Empathy and compassion drive our client solutions.

We’re a Part of the Communities We Serve

Our agents live in the communities they serve. Each location only serves its locale and knows all the happenings and nuances.

We’re Insurance

We help people truly understand their best option by asking insightful questions and ‘translating’ policy jargon into relatable real-life examples.

We’re Relationship

We’re driven by long-term relationships. By pairing a single agent and client for their entire time with us, we truly get to know each client and their needs.

Nova, like most of our clients, was born in a small Atlantic town – a place where we knew the streets by heart and the locals by name. It’s from this East Coast comradery, this ‘everyone helps’ attitude, that we became who we are today.

A longstanding insurance brokerage that cares about its people. One that sticks around and guides them through life’s surprises.

Every one of Novas customers is paired with a local agent, every time they call. So instead of holding and explaining, we can start on understanding and resolving faster.

We’ve found our knack – translating insurance jargon, building community, and giving Atlantic Canadians the peace of mind, they need to feel empowered and protected. All while nurturing long-term relationships and really getting to know the people we serve.

Call us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible during business hours.

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