Tenant Insurance

We understand that even if you don't own the four walls, what's inside matters just as much.

Tenant Insurance is your shield against the unexpected, ensuring that your personal space is safeguarded. Because no matter where you live, it's your home.

Coverage for your belongings

Tenant Insurance at Nova Insurance provides comprehensive protection for your personal belongings. From your furniture to your clothing, we've got you covered against unexpected events like theft, fire, or other covered damages.

Support During Home Repairs

In the event that your rented home needs repairs due to a covered loss, Tenant Insurance has your back. Our coverage includes support for additional living expenses, ensuring that you have a temporary home while your residence is being repaired.

Nova Insurance offers add-ons that go beyond the basics. Consider adding Sewer Backup Insurance to protect against unexpected plumbing mishaps. Our Overland Water and Ground Water Insurance provide an extra layer of security, guarding your belongings against potential flooding. Identity Theft Insurance is also available, offering protection against unauthorized use of your personal information.

At Nova Insurance, we value responsible choices. Enjoy significant discounts by bundling all your insurance policies with us. It's a smart and efficient way to not only protect your belongings but also save on insurance costs. Your financial well-being is important to us, and we want to reward you for making sound decisions.

Your rented space is an integral part of your life's story, and Nova Insurance is here to ensure that it remains a safe and secure haven. Trust us to provide the protection your rented home deserves. Get a quote today and experience the peace of mind that comes with having Nova Insurance by your side, no matter where you call home.